Posted by : SilverMoon 27 juillet 2014

~ Sailor Lead Crow ~

~ Dress is for Young Adult and Adult Female
~ Morph states support 
~ 3 recolorable channel
~ Basegame compatible  ( For Galactia's Bracelets need EP Adventure!!)
~ Mesh Included

Content Included:
- Dress by me
- Headdress by me
- Earrings by me
- Shoes by me
- Wings by me
- Bracelets by me
- Hair edited by me--->original by NewSea 


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  1. Just perfect! I cant wait to try this out!

  2. wonderful again silvermoon! The only thing that I wish were different is the hair on both aluminum and crow. For crow, you cant see her ears and earrings and her headband feather is hidden behind her bangs. For aluminum siren, her ears are sadly hidden behind her hair as well. I love what youve done with them and the CC for their looks are beautiful. Maybe when you get some time you can pretty please tell us who does the CC for the eyes, skintones and lips? Your sims are so pretty!

    1. Thanx Kitty !! I know for Hair..It's because I use parts of mesh already exisitant to try to look as much as possible! I'm very bad for create hair mesh myself !:(

    2. aw, you do amazing with the hair :3 Have confidence ! If you wanted to try to adjust them, its just a matter of playing with the alpha layers. Hopefully the original hair meshes arent all on top of each other or you would have to try to separate them with the editor in your meshing program. Then in your art program (do you use photoshop ?) , you can then shave off a few layers around the ears by making the pieces black in the alpha layer.

      For Crows lil headband accessory, if you didnt want to adjust the hair bangs/fringe, you can make the feather stand out more from the head just enough to sit mostly through the bangs. Its a shame that it is hidden after you worked on it. Same for the earrings for both girls. You do such lovely work and it would be a shame for them to be hidden. /hugz, thanks for all your hard work, your my favorite simmer around. :3

  3. beautiful which will be the next to do the sailor iron heart??

    1. The next is Sailor Tin Nyanko and Sailor Iron Mouse ! :)

  4. that beautiful thank you for these jobs are a great and I'm creating video with your sailor I hope that you're seeing in my you tube channel :)



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