Posted by : SilverMoon 23 novembre 2014

~ Sailor Cosmos ~

~ Dress is for Young Adult and Adult Female
~ Morph states support 
~ 4 recolorable channel
~ Basegame compatible  
~ Mesh Included

Content Included:

- Dress by me
- Shoes by me
- Earrings by me
- Rings by me
- Headdress 1,2 & 3 by me
- Cosmos Weapon by me
- Cape by me

Download :

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  1. WOW! Very beautiful work, great :D I've one question, did you also make the starlights for sims 3? It would be sooo nice and very cool :) so please?


  3. So lovely Silvermoon, I really do hope you can do Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights before you leave us Sims 3 simmers for Sims 4. Or at least squeeze them in sometime in the future :) Very sad to see you moving on to 4, you were doing so well for 3.

    Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights then I could die happy, though the Deathbusters would have been great as well. A girl can dream right?

  4. Oh my, beautiful. I love Cosmos. ^^
    I agree with Kittyvibe. It is very sad. I am also hoping, you will do the Star Lights. And maybe Chibi Chibi and Chibi Moon for the Sims 3. Than I would have all, that I need for the Sims 3. ;-)

  5. Hello, i had these - all your sims 3 sailor moon bits but now they don't work, any ideas why? I have always had trouble with getting the sailor moon hair itself but i had the rest, my oc went t*ts up and now nothing works.


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