Posted by : SilverMoon 25 juillet 2013

~ Sailor Pluto ~

~ Dress is for Young Adult and Adult
~ Morph states support
~ Base game compatible
~ Mesh Included

You need the World Adventure expansion pack for the Belt of Keys ,sorry ! :(

Content included:
- Dress by me
- Boots by me
- Earrings by me
- Weapon by me ( Glove accessories in CAS)
- Belt by me ( armband accessories in CAS)

Additionnal Content:
- Tiara by Anubis here


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  1. That looks so cool, even has her staff. Thank you :-)

  2. Oh my, a new one, already. Wow, you are pretty quick. :-) She looks great. I can't believe, you even made her belt of keys!. Wow. Amazing.

  3. Awesome! Such a lovely addition to the game. :3 Thank you for making them with all morphs as well, very nice! Any chance you would be making her hair as well? I love your hairs! :D

    1. I tried to make the hair but it's too hard...maybe one day...I get there!! >_<"

  4. Dont be discouraged, it looks like your just there with the hair, just a couple things with the program that is hanging you up on it. I posted to the hair page, hope its helpful! keep up the great job! :D

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  6. Are you gonna make the Neptune's Mirror and Uranus's Sword too? :D

  7. Yes I will do, but not immediately.

  8. Pluto is my favorite--thank you!

  9. Amazing Work <3 I love your all design. :)


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