Posted by : SilverMoon 10 juillet 2013

BlackMoon clan
~ Dress is for Young Adult and Adult
~ Morph states support
~ Base game compatible (For the cape You need  Adventure expansion pack !)
~ Mesh Included

Content included :
- Dress by me
- Cape by me
- Shoes by me


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  1. Wow! I cannot even express my gratitude for everything you are doing for us Sailor Moon fans! Thank you so,so much for your hard work on every item you create! <33

  2. yay love prince demand. Are you going to be making Neo Queen Serenity and princess serenity outfits. I love your sailor sims, they look so good :-) Keep up the great work

  3. Yay, I love prince diamond. He is so mysterious and cool. I have to download all of your pretty creations later in the evening. I would love to see Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity and small Lady (as child). Oh and so many more: sailor chibi moon Outfit for children, chibi chibi Outfit and hair for toddlers, sailor starlight hairs....

  4. Hey there :)
    at first I really love your creations, they're the best ones I've found on the internet :)
    but I have a question. Do I need any special expansion pack for Prince Demands shoes and cape, because they don't show up in my game. Same Problem with Prince Endymions shoes and cape :/

    1. Hi, Adventure expansion is required for the cape,for shoes normally just the base game is required! But I'll verify :)


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