Posted by : SilverMoon 28 août 2013

~ Princess Serenity ~

 ~ Dress is for Young Adult and Adult femal
~ Morph states support
~ Pregnancy morph
~ Base game compatible
~ Mesh Included


Content Included:

- Dress by me
- Earrings by me
- Pearl Headdress by me
- Crescent Moon by me

Additional Content:

- Bracelet by Lorandina Sims
- Hair by Anubis


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  1. ma come possiamo fare tu ci fai incantare bravissimo bravissimo bravissimo potrei sapere quale sara il tuo prossimo personaggio ti prego :9

  2. Beautiful! Lovely once again! Is the moon staff also in the download? :)

  3. yay, finally! I loooooooooooooove it so much. Now I can complete my Serenity Sim! ^^ And you even made it look like in the manga with more details at the chest. It looks really great. Thank you. Will you also publish the longer version of the moon stick?

  4. @Enzo: Grazie ,Il mio prossimo personaggio sarà Endymion o Mistress 9

    @Michi Fies and Kittyvibe ,thank you so much for your compliments!!! the longer version of the moon stick is for an another updated! ;)

    1. the longer version of the moon stick is for an updated another I can't find it

  5. ah grazie mille della risposta molto gentile ma sailor moon prima versione seconda versione e terza versione e le guerriere sailor le farai ???? ^.^

  6. Yay thank you, I love the princess serenity dress so much, you've done an amazing job too. Can't wait to see how you do her future self Neo queen serenity. Will you be making this dress for chibiusa too?

  7. dove posso trovare quella rosa sulla testa ???? :)

  8. Love this dress! I'm going to have to start using this one instead of the other dress I'd been using.

  9. are you going to post Tuxedo Mask on here so I can download that too? thanks

  10. Hi
    awesome job! :D
    I have just one question:
    How to download her?


  12. can someone help me with downloading please


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